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Sue Cooper commissioned Cevan to design and build two garden projects connected by a Torii gate. One side has a distinctly Mediterranean approach to it’s design, linked fountains have an Italian feel and a arbor for hot summer days. Pass through the gate into a world with Mexican colors and Asian architectural details.

“Cevan understood our needs and lifestyle and translated them into a garden that is both functional and beautiful. We started with a list of features and he merged them all into a cohesive design. Cevan has a fluid style that lends itself to collaboration and spontaneity. I find his creative process to be intuitive and insightful.

“After my first Forristt garden I didn't think it could get any better, my second garden surpassed the first! We love to entertain and when friends arrive, their jaws drop, and they don’t want to leave. Cevan has created a spectacular environment for our family and guests. If you like his style, hire him and cut him loose to create a living space you will treasure for a long time to come.”