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A Garden in Naglee Park Rises From The Waters

Cevan Forristt designed this garden in 2001. The entry is concrete inlaid with a geometric design of volcanic stone, lined with potted bamboo that leads to a gated entrance built from hand carved Chinese doors. The clients are social and like to entertain outdoors, Cevan designed the garden for large parties, with an outdoor cooking area with a pantry and a 16 foot handcast dining table under and arbor that seats up to 12 guests in the mustard lacquer Ming Style Yoke-Back Asian Chairs.

A keyhole cast wall contains a fountain that gently flows into the Koi pond. There is a cast semi-circle seating area overlooking the pond and cooking station. A cast iron firepit on a concrete pedestal, surrounded by wicker outdoor chairs it’s a great spot to have a small fire on brisk nights.

Along the garden’s perimeter, there are storage and service areas made from combinations of repurposed rusted and new corrugated metal, which is also utilized in roofed-over areas.
The small loggia area contains seating and is complemented by another Asian architectural doorway, a multimedia art piece by Cevan composed from Ming pottery shards mosaiced onto an antique frame inlaid with Indian mirror tiles and rustic Morrocan lanterns. The garden was well planted with varieties of bamboos, Canna lilies. Citrus, Maples and ferns.

There is a bittersweet twist to the story of this garden, it was underwater to a level of 8 feet during the winter storm of 2017 that caused Coyote creek to flood. However, the architectural bones of it withstood the water and it has been restored to a fresh beauty.
A Garden in Naglee Park Rises From The Waters