“We have never enjoyed doing business with anyone as much as with Cevan Forristt. He is a genius with a flair for creating original garden masterpieces. There is nothing ordinary about his designs or the man himself.

Our plan was to remove an old deck and sidewalk and to renovate only the immediate area, but as the work progressed, we became so excited about everything that Cevan was doing that we allowed the project to overflow into the entire backyard, and he enthusiastically accomplished all of this without going over budget.

He spent hours getting to know us before writing a contract because he wanted to design something that we would be sure to love. Throughout the building process, he would ask about our preferences regarding design and placement of various elements, and we took field trips together to shop for stone, plants and other surprises. He made sure that everything was done to perfection and never stopped dreaming up new ideas for making every corner of the yard more interesting and beautiful. He was also flexible enough to incorporate new ideas that we suggested during the process.

The crew is incredibly skilled, and they seem to know how to do just about anything. Everything that they made was built to last for a very long time. Now that the landscaping is completed, we are spending a lot more time in our private oasis. We feel incredibly lucky to have found Cevan Forristt.”

Karen P | Union City, CA

Cevan designs gardens with incredible beauty and serenity. He is absolutely brilliant in creating hardscapes that are both exotic and functional. His use of stone, tinted concrete, and glass is astounding. Visitors to my home always love the gardens.

Nuts and bolts: Cevan is a joy to work with from the beginning to the end of the project. Cevan takes the time to really understand how you are going to use the space, whether it be entertaining, outdoor dining, or personal retreat. The landscaping process, which could be just as stressful as remodeling, seems fun with Cevan. His crew is first-rate - experienced, hard working, and always cleaning up after each day to minimize inconvenience to me.”

Jeanette H | San Jose, CA

“We bought our house in 2010 primarily because we fell in love with the garden. We enquired about the garden designer, found out it was Cevan and contacted him.

Cevan came out to meet with us, teach us about our garden, and give the garden a ‘haircut.’ We were very impressed by his customer service and loyalty to his garden, even though we were not the original customers.

When we decided to re-landscape another area of the garden ‘phase 2,‘ there was really only one person for the job. So we called Cevan and he came out to meet us. We spoke at length about what we wanted to achieve in this area of the garden and he listened, and then added his creative opinions and advice.

Working with Cevan on the next phase of the landscaping was an unbelievable experience.

Cevan’s flair for artistic creation in the garden is amazing. He guides you to achieve the most from your garden and stretches you artistically, bringing in organic, stone, concrete and wood materials in ways you would not have considered. His vision is translated into reality by his business partner who is a uniquely talented craftsman. Between the two of them it is possible to achieve the dream garden.

Cevan and his crew are polite, incredibly tidy and a wonderful group of people to have around. They helped my teenage boys out with a project, helped a young contractor who was struggling to fix a water main, frequently made lunch for my housekeeper and left the area so neat and tidy that the children were able to play in the garden as soon as they left each day. They were just wonderful!

I would recommend Cevan to anyone wanting a unique and beautiful garden. Everyone who visits is amazed and loves the relaxing and peaceful atmosphere that Cevan's work has brought to our home.”

Kerstin M | Woodside, CA

“If you want something REALLY special, that you will love forever,

1. Go to Cevan Forristt's website and take a look. If the projects you see there are your idea of paradise then,

2. Contact Cevan. He will get to know you, listen to your ‘must haves,’ make suggestions, and tell you what he can do for your budget. (Be generous with the budget - you will NOT regret it.)

3. Then, just turn him loose! What you will get will be far beyond your dreams, and yet wonderfully comfortable and compatible with your own taste. He and his crew are jewels. You will be pleased and proud and your friends will be envious.”

Susan W | Los Altos, CA

“I gave Cevan a vague notion of what I wanted to do: Take a mud hole at one end of the creek that ran through my property and turn it into something beautiful and ancient-looking. He produced something that was better than anything I could have come up with. Even though it has only existed for a few months, the area has become a mecca for life of various kinds, and it is amazing to watch it develop on an almost daily basis. Awesome job Cevan!

Cevan also planted a privacy fence near the pond that is functional, beautiful, and blends in with the surroundings a lot better than your average wall-o-Italian-spruce!”

Geoff W | San Jose, CA

Cevan and his crew did a bang-up job redoing a portion of our property. Because of road noise this isn’t a part of the property, which we use as outdoor space or entertaining, but we did want to have it look nice from inside the house. Don't expect detailed bids from Cevan but do allow his creativity full rein. His water feature is framed in our living room window and is wonderful both day and night as is the art wall he created for viewing from the dining room area.”

Kurt L | Los Altos, CA

“Cevan Forristt designs exterior spaces like no other landscape designer in the world!

I have worked with Cevan for over 25 years on projects ranging from small entry areas to complete home landscape design and installations. Cevan has a unique ability to listen to and understand his clients. His designs always far exceed the expectations of his clients.

In addition to his work for my interior design clients, Cevan has designed the landscape and gardens for my own home and most recently for that of my daughter and son in law. Both are breathtaking. Just as no two clients are the same... no two gardens of Cevan’s design are alike. His work has been featured in the New York Times and a full double page spread of his own home and garden have been featured in National Geographic Magazine."

Ron Martino | Martino Interiors | Los Gatos, CA